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We also offer Holistic Therapy appointments in Stourbridge

Natroma Holistics treatment room in Stourbridge West Midlands spacer New customers to our Ruskin Glass Centre shop are often surprised to find that The Natural Soapworks is run by Holistic Therapists. The business was created by a Clinical Aromatherapist, and that's why all of our natural products smell so fantastic! You'll never find a synthetic fragrance in our skincare products, and each one contains a synergy of aromatherapy grade essential oils. But besides creating lovely skincare products, we also offer a range of holistic therapies in our private and luxurious holistic therapy treatment room. We offer a wide variety of treatments and our therapists are fully qualified (Clinical Aromatherapy and Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy) and members of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). 

Natroma Holistics isn't a traditional holistic therapy clinic, since we only offer a couple of treatments each day. This allows us to split our time between making aromatherapy products, meeting customers and of course processing website orders. By only offering a small number of appointments each week it makes sure that we can devote our time and energies to holistics clients, and they benefit from our relaxed 'no-rush' approach. Each appointment begins with a consultation to review ongoing health and treatment progress, and is tailored to individual's needs. After each treatment we make sure our client is comfortable, enjoying a post-treatment drink and then we leave them to relax and recover in their own time. Client feedback is that they really appreciate the fact that they aren't on a massage production line!  

We offer appointments for treatments in our Stourbridge treatment room, but can also attend sporting events or offer on-site corporate staff therapy packages. Please ring us on 01384 399451 to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment with a therapist. Some example treatments are shown below:

Clinical Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy Back, Shoulders and Neck - 30 minutes £20.00

A relaxing seated or lying on the couch massage to relax tight muscles and relase tension often caused by too much computer work.

Natroma Synergy Facial - 60 minutes £35.00

Lying on the couch, this facial begins with a double cleanse and tone followed by a relaxing shoulder and neck massage. Then using a prescription essential oil blend (this is a bespoke blend per client) and our Q10 oil serum, our facial incorporates lymphatic drainage, accupressure and scalp massage. A Natroma rhassoul clay mask is applied before finishing with a Q10 moisturising treatment. This very relaxing treatment can help to revitalise the complexion and calm certain skin conditions.

Aromatherapy Foot Reflex - 50 minutes £35.00

This treatment works on pressure points located on the feet, which mirror the organs and systems of the human body. Whilst lying on the couch each foot receives a reflex assessment, before we create a bespoke blend essential oils which are incorporated into our reflex massage cream. Using reflexology principles each foot is massaged for 15-20 minutes, allowing you to completely relax in comfort. This treatment is beneficial for a variety of conditions and can be useful during pregnancy, following surgery or for times where pain or inflammation prevent a full body massage. You’ll receive a jar of your personalised massage cream to take home, so you can massage your feet to extend the benefits of the treatment.

Aromatherapy Body Massage - 60 minutes £35.00

This relaxing and revitalising aromatherapy body massage treatment was developed to increase blood and lymphatic flow. A personalized blend of essential oils is used in gentle soothing massage strokes, which ease muscle tension, encourage lymphatic drainage and support the skin. The massage incorporates the back, legs, arms, hands and feet and is effective for supporting specific physical conditions, managing stress or for maintaining good general health and vitality. 

Aromatherapy Body Massage, Facial and Foot Reflex - 120 minutes £65.00

Our top treatment incorporates a full body massage (back, legs, feet, abdomen, arms, hands, upper chest), an aromatherapy facial treatment and foot reflex. This comprehensive treatment is a complete body workout, combining massage on all the major muscle groups and meridians with a personalised aromatherapy blend used throughout the treatment. You will receive a small jar of your cream at the end of the treatment, so you can massage your feet for several days to extend the treatment benefits.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Back and Shoulders - 30 minutes £19.50

Lying face down on the couch, this deep tissue treatment focuses on relaxing the muscles of the back and shoulders, using effleurage (long soothing strokes), tapotement (tapping) and pettrissage (kneading). This deeper style of massage finds and releases knots and tension, encouraging lymphatic drainage. This is a relaxing treatment to release tension and relax tight shoulder and back muscles.

Swedish Full Body Massage - 45 minutes £25.00

This longer treatment involves deep tissue manipulation of the back, legs, feet, abdomen, arms, hands and chest. Using effleurage, tapotement, pettrissage and vibrations , this deeper style of massage releases muscle tension and encourages lymphatic drainage. This treatment is suited to those seeking relaxation and stress management, or if there are muscular or skeletal problems.

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy is an intensive form of Swedish massage, which uses techniques that stimulate blood and lymph circulation to release muscle tension and encourage healing if injury or soreness are present. Sports massage covers a range of techniques which can support pain management and rehabilitation of the soft tissues of the body. The techniques used were originally developed for elite sports people, but you don’t need to be an athlete or even be involved in fitness training to benefit from sports massage. Sports massage can be used in a number of ways:

Event preparation – regular sessions during the lead up to an event or competition can help prepare the body to perform at its best. This is particularly helpful for marathon runners, but this can be a beneficial part of the preparation for any sporting event.

Pre-event (on-site) – usually this is an invigorating treatment to warm and stimulate muscles in readiness for activity, which can help to prevent injury. The level of intensity is customised to individual needs and will depend on the sporting activity.

Post event – this is a helpful way to promote recovery after a sporting event and is a more soothing and relaxing treatment. The massage focuses on lymphatic drainage, to reduce lactic acid build up and encourage the release of waste products that have built up in the muscles during the event. Post-event massage can also help to reduce muscle soreness in the days following your event (the sooner you can have a treatment after the event the better).

Maintenance sessions – regular sessions can help to prevent injury and improve performance for anyone who enjoys sports. The manipulation techniques release muscular tension and imbalances which can lead to postural issues and stresses on tendons, ligaments and joints. Regular sports massage makes good sense for anyone who’s returning to training, or wishes to safely increase and maintain their training load.

Deep Tissue / Remedial – these sessions tend to include deep tissue manipulation to target areas of concern and can be helpful during injury rehabilitation, to break down and realign scar tissue. This massage is helpful in reducing focused areas of muscular tension.

Shoulder and neck massage – these sessions can help anyone who sits at a computer screen or in their car for long periods. Poor posture, usually with hunched shoulders leads to increased muscular tension and the build up of trigger points in the neck and shoulders. Regular shoulder and neck massage, with postural advice can help to relieve discomfort and tension.

Sports Massage Therapy is priced in half hour sessions: 30 minutes is £20, 60 minutes is £40. We also offer special pricing for attendance at sporting events and for courses of treatment, allowing you to enjoy savings on pre-booked sessions and when preparing for sporting events.