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Our product range has been expanded by the launch of the Natroma skincare range - visit our new Natroma skincare website. The Natroma natural skin care range includes hot cloth cleansers, concentrated moisturisers, oil serums, clay masks, hydrolat toners and body lotions. A Trial Size facial kit from the Natroma range is now available on this page, but a wider selection is available on the Natroma website.
Our popular cocoa butter lip balms contain rich cocoa and shea butters and oils to moisturise lips (and cuticles and nails too!) We also have fabulous Monoi de Tahiti, the all-over body and hair oil that smells like heaven, and has a beautiful silky "non-greasy" feel so it's a perfect alternative to heavy day moisturisers.
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Natural Soapworks
Lips Silk Tube  
Our Lips Silk balms live up to their name! They're packed with organic cocoa butter and organic unrefined shea butter, together with Vitamin E and avocado oil to ensure they will smooth your lips until they're like silk! Our Lips Silk formulation is completely natural so has no flavour (we think this is better, since there is no encouragement to keep licking the lips), but will offer a long lasting protection and gloss to your lips. Presented in a handy push up tube, and particularly good during the colder months.
Ingredients:   Cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), Jojoba wax, Avocado oil (persea gratissima), Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Price: £ 2.45 per 4.5g tube

Natural Soapworks
Nail Silk Tin  
This is a popular aromatherapy product developed especially for the hands and nails, that's packed with cocoa and shea butters to moisturise cuticles and nails. Simply smooth around the nails or use as a balm style handcream, to prevent dry or flaky skin. Presented in a new screwtop elegant aluminium tin (lined so the metal does not come into contact with the product), and fragranced with exotic frankincense, uplifting lime and luxurious neroil essential oils. Many of our customers are finding this balm is helping them to grow their nails for the first time!
Ingredients:   Cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), Apricot kernel oil (prunus armeniaca), Coconut oil (cocus nucifera), Vitamin E (tocopherol), and Frankincense (boswellia carterii), Lime (citrus aurantifolia), Petitgrain (citrus aurantium), Neroli (citrus aurantium) essential oils

Price: £ 3.75 per 12-15g aluminium tin

Natural Soapworks
Monoi de Tahiti  
Monoi de Tahiti is a fabulous oil that smells like gardenia flowers. It is made by macerating Tiare flowers in pure coconut oil, and can only be produced in French Polynesia. When applied to the skin, it has a distinctive non-greasy feel making it perfect for use as a natural facial moisturiser, since it can be applied under make-up. We suggest this is used as a natural moisturiser, or as a treat at nightime (instead of a night cream). It can also be used to tame the dried ends of the hair, and can even be applied to the hair as a natural conditioner oil (like a hot oil treatment).
Ingredients:   Pure Monoi de Tahiti (cocus nucifera / gardenia Tahitensis)

Price: £ 3.50 per 10ml glass rollerball bottle

Natural Soapworks
Monoi de Tahiti - melting massage and bathing oil  
This larger bottle of Monoi de Tahiti is perfect for when you want to use Monoi on the hair or body. Warm the bottle by placing on a radiator or in a cup of hot water. Never warm Monoi by placing in a microwave. Use as a luxurious body massage oil (which will be easily absorbed and feel non-greasy after application), or as a moisturising bathing oil or use as a natural hot oil hair treatment and apply to damp hair as a moisturising treatment.
Ingredients:   Pure Monoi de Tahiti (cocus nucifera / gardenia Tahitensis)

Price: £ 5.95 per 60ml aluminium bottle